A Sobolev estimate for radial multipliers on SL(n, R)


题目:A Sobolev estimate for radial multipliers on SL(n, R)


报告人:Martijn CaspersDelft University of Technology




地点:Zoom会议会议号882 8540 7533密码:028422


摘要:Lp-Fourier multipliers form a central tool in harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces as well as the torus. In this talk we are concerned with natural generalizations of such multipliers on non-abelian groups and focus on the special case of SL(n, R). We show how to construct such Lp-Fourier multipliers by requiring sufficient smoothness of the symbols in the spirit of Hormander-Mikhlin and CalderonTorchinsky. Our methods in particular give new results if p approximates 2. If time permits I will also report on versions of the De Leeuw restriction theorem for SL(n, R) and SL(n, Z). The latter is joint work with Bas Janssens, Amudhan Krishnaswamy-Usha and Lukas Miaskiwskyi.



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