Workshop on the Renormalization Theory and Related Fields


Title: Workshop on the Renormalization Theory and Related Fields

Date:March 17-20,  2023

Location: Room 201, MingDe Building, IASM, Harbin Institute of Technology

Main speakers:

Lingrui Ge (Peking University)

Chenlin Gu (Tsinghua University)

Yichao Huang (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Yi Pan (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)

Wei-Min Wang (CNRS, Cergy Paris University and NYU Shanghai)

Wei Wu (NYU Shanghai)

Fan Yang (Tsinghua University)

Rongchan Zhu (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Xiangchan Zhu (Chinese Academy of Science)


Renormalization was originally introduced as an approach to quantum field theory and the theory of critical phenomena to remove divergences. Over the years it has become a powerful tool in the mathematical analysis of interacting systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom. Its applications include quantum field theories, statistical physics, stochastic partial differential equations, dynamical systems and probability theory. This workshop aims at presenting new development in renormalization theory and its applications in quantum field theory, stochastic partial differential equations and dynamical systems, and at creating an environment for the exchange of ideas among researchers with different mathematical background and research focus.



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