Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis Day


In this noncommutative harmonic analysis day, we have invited 5 young experts who are working in the noncommutative subjects to report their recent important and interesting progress. 

Wednesday August 7

Mingde Building 201 (明德楼201)


10.00 - 10.45 Xingxing Yao/Linear combinations of composition operators on spaces of Dirichlet series

10.50 - 11.35 Guangheng Xie/Rosenthal's inequalities: $\Delta-$norms and quasi-Banach symmetric 

sequence spaces


14.30 - 15.15 Xumin Wang/Pointwise convergence of noncommutative Fourier series

15.20 - 16.05 Bang Xu/Noncommutative weak (1,1) type estimate for a square function from ergodic theory

16.10 - 16.55 Wei Liu/Vector-valued inequalities for square functions

18.00       DinnerXi Yuan Restaurant

Program: Program.pdf

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