Fundamental Limitations on Communication over a Quantum Network


题目:Fundamental Limitations on Communication over a Quantum Network




摘要:Entanglement, a fundamental feature of quantum mechanics, has long been recognized as a valuable resource in enabling secure communications and surpassing classical limits. However, previous research has primarily concentrated on static entangled states generated at a single point in time, overlooking the crucial role of the quantum dynamics responsible for creating such states. Here, we propose a framework for investigating entanglement across multiple time points, termed temporal entanglement, and demonstrate that the performance of a quantum network in transmitting information is inherently dependent on its temporal entanglement. Through case studies, we showcase the capabilities of our framework in enhancing conventional quantum teleportation and achieving exponential performance growth in the protocol of quantum repeaters. Additionally, our framework effectively doubles the communication distance in certain noise models. Our results address the longstanding question surrounding temporal entanglement within non-Markovian processes and its impact on quantum communication, thereby pushing the frontiers of quantum information science.

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