Potential theory and combinatorics


题目:Potential theory and combinatorics

报告人:Sami Mustapha(巴黎索邦大学)




摘要:“... But the most general and direct method for resolving questions of probability consists of making them depend on difference equations ...” 

The aim of this talk is to illustrate this quote from Laplace (Philosophical essay on probabilities) by developing certain aspects of the theory of discrete potential theory attached to a random walk in 𝑍 𝑑 ; the difference equations playing in this framework the same role played by the PDEs in the theory of the classical potential theory. Although the presentation will be mainly limited to simple walks in quadrants, some extensions to walks in discrete Lipschitzian domains and to inhomogeneous walks will be discussed. The emphasis will be placed on the role that tools from discrete potential theory can play (harmonic functions and discrete caloric functions, maximum principle, Harnack inequalities, boundary Harnack inequalities at the boundary) in establishing optimal estimates for the number of paths confined to a region as well as the number of excursions.


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