`What is a good definition? In search of quantum groups'


题目:`What is a good definition? In search of quantum groups'

报告人:Adam Skalski (波兰科学院数学研究所)



摘要:Definitions form a fundamental part of the mathematical study. I will discuss the requirements that mathematicians put on `good' definitions and explain how such definitions develop, based on the notion of a locally compact quantum group, originating in 1970s and 1980s, and reaching a (possibly?) final form in the work of Kustermans and Vaes in 2000. Later developments will also be mentioned, but in general the talk will be accessible to general mathematical audience.

主讲人简介: Adam Skalski is a full professor and the scientific director of the Institute of Mathematics of of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the chairman of ERCOM (European Research Centers on Mathematics). His areas of interest include topological quantum groups, operator algebras and quantum stochastic processes. He has been awarded the Kuratowski Prize of the Polish Mathematical Society in 2008 and the Sierpinski Prize of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 2014. He is one of the executive editors of Studia Mathematica and Banach Center Publications.

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