Repeated emergence of 4/3-exponent


题目:Repeated emergence of 4/3-exponent

报告人:丁剑 教授北京大学




地点:Zoom会议会议号:876 0592 8254,会议密码: 2023


摘要:In this talk, I will describe the emergence of the 4/3-exponent in two seem-ingly unrelated models: random distance of Liouville quantum gravity and correlation length for the two-dimensional random field Ising model. I will then explain that such 4/3-exponent, while being unexpected among respective communities even from a physics perspective, has in fact been hinted in Leighton-Shor(1989) and Talagrand (2014) where the 4/3-exponent emerges in a random matching problem Finally, I will present the heuristic computation which leads tothe emergence of the 4/3-exponent. Based on a joint work with Subhajit Goswami and a joint work with Mateo Wirth.

报告人简介:Jian Ding is Chair Professor at Peking University. His main research area isin probability theory, with focus on interactions with statistical physics andheoretical computer science. He also has a broad interest in probability questionsthat arise from application-onented problems. Before joining PKU, he has beena postdoc at Stanford and a faculty member at University of Chicago as well asUniversity of Pennsylvania, after his UC Berkeley in 2011.


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