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Concentration Day on Combinatorics and Number Theory
发布人:臧经涛  发布时间:2018-08-08   浏览次数:140

Time: 10  August, 2018. Place: 522 Gewu Building


8:30--9:20, Christian Maire, Franche-Comte University

Arithmetic in infinite extensions of number fields

9:20--10:10, Emmanuel Lecouturier, University paris diderot

An application of a conjecture of Mazur-Tate to supersingular elliptic curves

10:10--10:40, Tea Break

10:40--11:30, Guoniu Han,  Université de Strasbourg

The $1/2$ Conjecture on $q$-binomial coefficients


14:00--14:50, Jiang Zeng,  Université Claude Bernard Lyon

A combinatorial model for   $(q,y)$-Laguerre polynomials

14:50--15:40, Huan Xiong, Université de Strasbourg

Enumeration of simultaneous core partitions

15:40--16:10, Tea Break

16:10--17:00, Zhicong Lin, Jimei University

Positivity and divisibility of alternating descent polynomials