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The Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics of HIT


The Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM) of HIT was founded in July 2016. IASM is based on the study of mathematics, and is also committed to promoting interdisciplinary research at the interface of mathematics, economics, physics, engineering and computer science.


Over the past six years, IASM has developed rapidly. It currently has 22 members, including 8 national high-level talents of various kinds. In addition, IASM has employed 2 international part-time chair professors, one of whom is a Fields medalist. The research interests of all researchers of IASM can be found in the following link: http://im.hit.edu.cn/en/8378/list.htm 


IASM invites outstanding researchers working in all subjects of mathematics and related interdisciplinary fields to join us. We will provide highly international competitive compensation, benefits and research funding according to academic level and personal experience. Please find more details in the recruitment announcement on our webpage. 


Compared to a traditional mathematics department in China, we have the following distinguishing features:


Ø IASM is a new academic highland of HIT; with this status, it enjoys many special policies from the university, regarding recruitment and funds.


Ø The Institute has a strong scientific committee, composed of eminent national and international leaders in mathematics. The scientific committee aims to supervise and evaluate the academic activities and progress of IASM; it is also responsible for recruitment and promotion. 


Ø The faculties in IASM only have a very light teaching duty. For instance, Postdocs and Assistant Professors are free of teaching duty; for other faculties, there is only a one-course teaching requirement per academic year (about 3050 hours). Moreover, the teaching duty can be adjusted or reduced if a member visits overseas institutions during the whole academic year.


Ø IASM intends to create a delightful work atmosphere for researchers, referring to the French research institutions and evaluation system. The aim is to offer a stimulating and effective platform that enhances personal development and professional success.