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Concentration Day on Noncommutative Analysis
发布人:尹智  发布时间:2017-08-07   浏览次数:18

Concentration Day on Noncommutative Analysis   

Time: August 08, 2017, Place: 522 Gewu Building

Monring (Chair: 洪桂祥)

09:00-09:50 Narcisse Randrianantoanina, Miami University

The Status of the Atomic Decomposition problem for Noncommutative Martingales

09:55-10:40 王斯萌,Universitat des Saarlandes

Noncommutative Maximal Inequalities Associated with Doubling Conditions

10:40-11:10 茶歇

11:10-11:55 尹晟,Universitat des Saarlandes

Limiting Distribution of Random Matrices and Free Probablity



14:30-15:15 吴恋,中南大学

Differential subordinations of Noncommutative Martingales

15:20-16:05 汪旭敏,Franche-Comte University

Markov Semigroups on the Spheres

16:05-16:25 茶歇

16:25-17:10 韩亚洲,新疆大学

Pointwise Products of Some Noncommutative Symmetric Spaces and Factorization

17:15-18:00 洪桂祥,武汉大学

Matrix-valued T1 theorem