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Concentration Day on Harmonic Analysis
发布人:管理员LIU  发布时间:2017-08-06   浏览次数:12

Concentration Day on Harmonic Analysis

Time: August 06, 2017, Place: 503, Gewu Building 

Morining (Chair: 薛小平)


Four Conjectures in Harmonic Analysis and Modern Research in PDE

09:55-10:40 宋亮,中山大学

Recent Progress on Neumann Problems in Homogenization of Systems of Elasticity

10:40-11:00 茶歇

11:00-11:45 赖旭东,哈尔滨工业大学

Weak Type (1,1) Bound Criterion for Singular Integral with Rough Kernel and Its Applications

12:00 工作午餐(西苑)


14:30-15:20 章志飞,北京大学

Linear Inviscid Damping for Shear Flows

15:25-16:10 张超,哈尔滨工业大学

Gradient Estimates for the Non-standard Quasilinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations

16:10-16:30 茶歇

16:30-17:15 李康伟,西班牙巴斯克应用数学中心

Some Recent Advances in Sparse Domination and Weighted Inequalities

17:20-18:05 马涛,武汉大学

q-Variation Inequalities for SIngular Integrals and Ergodic Averages