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Factoriality of q-Araki-Woods von Neumann algebras
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Title:Factoriality of q-Araki-Woods von Neumann algebras

Speaker: Manish Kumar(Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences)

Time: Wednesday, September13, 2023, 14:30-16:00

VenueMingde Building B201-1

Zoom ID: 945 2536 6360, Password: 461559

Abstract:  We discuss the factoriality, non-injectivity, and fullness question of q-Araki-Woods von Neumann algebras, constructed by Hiai. These algebras are non-tracial coun-terparts of q-Gaussian algebras, which combine the q-deformations of free group fac-tors due to Bozejko-Kummerer-Spiecher, and quasi-free deformations of Shlyakht-enko. We will discuss our approach using conjugate/dual variables in order to solve the mentioned problems. This is joint work with Adam Skalski and Mateusz Wasilewski.

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