Tianyuan Summer Seminar on Functional Analysis and Spaces 2023

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The Tianyuan Summer Seminar on Functional Analysis and Spaces is held annually by the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics of HIT. This series of seminars aims to bring together experienced as well as young researchers in the field of functional analysis and (Banach/operator) space theory, and focus on the current mainstream topics in and around this research domain. The seminar provides an ideal platform for young researchers to exchange new ideas and to step forward collaboration.

This seminar is strongly supported by the Tianyuan Fund for Mathematics of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 

Time: July 10 - Angust 15, 2023 

Venue: Harbin Institute of Technology

Project leader: Quanhua Xu

Contact: Guixiang Hong (gxhong [AT] hit.edu.cn), Jinghao Huang (jinghao.huang [AT] hit.edu.cn), Simeng Wang (simeng.wang [AT] hit.edu.cn), Xiong Xiao (xxiong [AT] hit.edu.cn)


Working Group on noncommutative harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups

- representation theory and Fourier-Schur multipliers

07/11, 07/13, 07/16, 07/19,07/21,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 226 

Lie groups and representation theory

Host:Hua WANG(王华),IMPAN 

07/23,07/25,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 226 

07/27,8:30-9:30,Zheng Xin Building 226

Representation theory and K-bi-invariant functions on simple Lie groups of real rank 1

Host:Samya Kumar Ray,Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata

07/27,9:30-11:30,Zheng Xin Building 21 

07/29,15:00-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

07/31,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

Introduction to completely bounded Fourier multipliers on group von Neumann algebras

Hosts:Dejian ZHOU(周德俭)、Sijie LUO(罗思捷)、Lian WU(吴恋),Central South University

08/02,08/04,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

08/06,14:30-16:00,Zheng Xin Building 21

Weak amenability for SO(1,n)

Hosts:Runlian XIA(夏润莲),University of Glasgow

    Xumin WANG(汪旭敏),Seoul National University

08/06,16:00-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

08/08,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

Weak amenability for SU(1,n) and Sp(1,n): harmonic analysis on the Heisenberg part

Hosts:Liang WANG(王亮),Wuhan University 

08/10,08/12,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

Weak amenability for SU(1,n) and Sp(1,n): harmonic analysis on the parabolic part

Hosts:Yifan PU(蒲逸凡),Wuhan University

    Zhipeng SONG(宋智鹏),Université de Franche-Comté


08/14,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

W*-superrigidity for lattices in Sp(1,n)

Hosts:Fulin YANG(杨福林),Gan YAO(姚淦),Harbin Institute of Technology

Concentration day: young researchers on noncommutative analysis I

07/17,Zheng Xin Building 226

Program and abstract

◆ 9:00-11:30

A local smoothing estimate on quantum Euclidean space

Liang WANG(王亮),Wuhan University

Recent progress on Schatten classes and Riesz transform commutators

Zhijie FAN(范智杰),Guangzhou University

Noncommutative von Bahr-Esseen inequality and a noncommutative nonindependent law of large numbers

Enli CHEN(陈恩立),Wuhan University

◆ 14:30-17:00

Weighted endpoint estimates of operator-valued singular integrals

Wenfei FAN(范雯霏),Central South University

Cesàro summability of noncommutative Vilenkin-Fourier series 

Tiantian ZHAO(赵甜甜),Central South University

Noncommutative weak-L and BMO 

Yahui ZUO(左雅慧),Central South University

Concentration day: free probability

07/28,Zheng Xin Building 21

Program and abstract


Spectrum of Laplacian matrix associated with large random elliptic matrices

Zhi YIN(尹智),Central South University


The spectrum of local random Hamiltonians

Liang ZHAO(赵亮),Harbin Institute of Technology


Free probability and heat flow on GAF

Ching Wei HO(何政卫),Academia Sinica


Rank inequality done by free probability

Sheng YIN(尹晟),Baylor University

Concentration day: young researchers on noncommutative analysis II

08/03,Zheng Xin Building 21

Program and abstract

◆ 9:00-11:30

Some Recent Progress of Operator-Valued Hardy Spaces on Space of Homogeneous Type

Wenhua WANG(王文华),Wuhan University

Campanato spaces via semigroups on semifinite von Neumann algebras. 

Yuanyuan JING(景圆圆),Wuhan University

Noncommutative discrete spherical maximal inequalities

Cheng CHEN(陈诚),Sun Yat-sen University

◆ 14:30-17:30

Boole and Bohr meet Pauli

Haonan ZHANG(张浩楠),University of South Carolina

John-Nirenberg inequalities for noncommutative column BMO and Lipschitz martingales 

Congbian MA(马聪变),Xinxiang University

Schatten class and principal symbol on Carnot groups 

Fulin YANG(杨福林),Harbin Institute of Technology


07/29,14;00-14:50,Zheng Xin Building 21

An estimate for spherical functions on SL(3,R)

Xiaocheng LI(李晓承),Peking University


08/05,14:30-16:00,正心楼 21

Analytic subalgebras of weighted Fourier algebras and complexification of Lie groups

Hun Hee LEE,Seoul National University


08/05,16:00-17:30,正心楼 21

Dispersive equations on symmetric and locally symmetric spaces

Hong-Wei ZHANG(张鸿伟),Paderborn University


08/07,14:30-17:30,Zheng Xin Building 21

Matrix concentration inequalities and free probability, after Bandeira, Boedihardjo and van Handel

Lingxuan WU(吴凌轩),Central South University 

08/09,15:00-16:00,Zheng Xin Building 21

Representations of Commutators on Schatten p-classes (1<p<∞)

Zhizheng YU(余志拯),Xiamen University


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