A Joyful Journey in Random Dynamical Systems

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Title: A Joyful Journey in Random Dynamical Systems


Speaker: Pro. Jinqiao Duan(Great Bay University

Time: Friday, June 30, 2023, 14:30-15:30

Location: Zoom ID:876 0592 8254, Password:2023 

Abstract: Complex dynamical systems are often under random fluctuations. The noisy fluctuations may be Gaussian or non-Gaussian, which are usually modeled byBrownian motion or Levy motion, respectively. Stochastic differential equationsare appropriate mathematical models for these random dynamical systems.

    The speaker will present an overview about recent advances in randomlynamical systems,including random interacting particle dynamics, stochasticHamiltonian dynamics, and probabilistic approaches and data science method.for investigating transition phenomena.

Biography: 段金桥,国家重大人才工程项目入选者,国家杰出青年基金B类获得者,中国科学院海外评审专家,中国科学院海外杰出学者基金获得者,中国科协海智计划专家。曾任美国纯粹与应用数学研究所副所长,美国国家基金委数据科学研究所轮值所长与分析长。现任大湾区大学(筹)讲席教授,理学院执行院长。研究方向包括:随机动力系统的理论与应用:随机偏微分方程理论与应用,数据驱动的数学建模-分析-学习-预估;非平衡统计物理,随机现象与复杂现象的刻画与诠释以及数学与其它学科的交叉研究。著作有AnIntroduction to Stochastic DynamicsEffective Dynamics of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations等。主持和参与多项利学研究,交叉坐科研究以及国际合作课题。

More information about HIT-WHU Seminar on Stochastic Analysis and Algorithms can be found here.

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