Heat kernel estimates for Schodinger operators

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TitleHeat kernel estimates for Schodinger operators

Speaker: Xin Chen, ProfessorShanghai Jiao Tong University

Time:Friday, March 3115:30-16:30

Location:Tencent MeetingMeeting ID893 4129 1815

Abstract:We will introduce some probabilistic methods to study heatkernel estimates for Schodinger operators L--A+V, based onwhich the interaction between the behaviors of Brownian motionsBt}tzo and the potential V will be applied. Our results include thecase that V is unbounded or V is decaying to 0 at infinity.Moreover, two-sided Green's function estimates associated withL--A+V are also obtained.

Brief introduction: 陈昕,上海交通大学数学科学学院教授。在英国华威大学(University of Warwick)获得博士学位。研究兴趣集中于随机分析方向的若干问题,包括泛函不等式,位势理论,流形上的随机分析等。在包括AOP,PTRF,CMP, Math. Ann,JFA,TAMS,AAP在内的本领域权威期刊上发表多篇论文

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