Connection probabilities for 2D critical lattice model

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TitleConnection probabilities for 2D critical lattice model

Speaker: Hao WuTsinghua University

Time: Friday, March 17, 2023, 15:30-16:30

Location:Tencent Meeting, Meeting ID:893 4129 1815

Abstract: Conformal invariance of critical lattice models in two-dimensional has been vigorously studied for decades. The first example where the conformal invariance was rigorously verified was the planar uniform spanning tree (together with loop-erased random walk), proved by Lawler, Schramm and Werner around 2000. Later, the conformal invariance was also verified for Bernoulli percolation (Smirnov 2001), level lines of Gaussian free field (Schramm-Sheffield 2009), and Ising model and FK-Ising model (Chelkak-Smirnov et al 2012). In this talk, we focus on connection probabilities of these critical lattice models in polygons with alternating boundary conditions.

This talk has two parts.

• In the first part, we consider critical Ising model and give the crossing probabilities of multiple interfaces. Such probabilities are related to solutions to BPZ equations in conformal field theory.

• In the second part, we consider critical random-cluster model with cluster weight q\in (0,4) and give conjectural formulas for connection probabilities of multiple interfaces. The conjectural formulas are proved for q=2, i.e. the FK-Ising model.

More information about HIT-WHU Seminar on Stochastic Analysis and Algorithms can be found here.

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