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Regularity of weak solution to Stefan-type problems
发布人:许全华  发布时间:2023-03-06   浏览次数:16

TitleRegularity of weak solution to Stefan-type problems

Speaker: Naian LiaoSalzburg University

Time: Monday, March 13, 2023, 16:00-18:00

Location:Tencent MeetingMeeting ID:416 597 090Password: 2023

Abstract: The question regarding the continuity of weak solutions to the two-phase Stefan problem was raised by Oleinik in 1960 and was successfully accessed in the early 1980s. This topic witnessed further development involving multi-phase transitions as well as the p-Laplacian diffusion till the beginning of the 2000s. After a silent period, this problem is experiencing another impulse in recent years. I will give a survey of recent advances on this fascinating topic.

Brief Introduction:廖乃安,奥地利萨尔兹堡大学博士后,博士毕业于美国范德堡大学,主要研究兴趣是椭圆和抛物型偏微分方程的正则性问题,在Math. Ann., Adv. Math., JFA, IMRN等期刊发表20余篇论文。