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Structure theory of Leibniz algebras
发布人:许全华  发布时间:2022-11-22   浏览次数:49

Title:  Structure theory of Leibniz algebras

Speaker: Omirov, Bakhrom(National University of Uzbekistan)

Time: December 10,13,17,20  2022   10:00-12:00

Zoom Meeting ID:858 6332 1599,Password:221206



Abstract: In this course we shall present some classes of non-associative algebras and relations between them. Then we are going to give the sketch of structure of finite-dimensional Lie algebras. In particular, such notions as semisimplicity, nilpotency and solvability will be explained. The structure description of Lie algebras in terms of these notions will be presented. Then we shall focus on structure theory of Leibniz algebras. At the end, some other generalizations of Lie algebras will be introduced.