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Fucheng Tan--P-adic Hodge theory and applications
发布人:王智拓  发布时间:2019-02-22   浏览次数:10

Title: P-adic Hodge theory and applications

Speaker:Fucheng TanResearch Institute for Mathematical Sciences,Kyoto University


This talk is an introduction to several topics centered in p-adic Hodge theory. P-adic Hodge theory, initiated by Serre, Tate and Grothendieck, became a central topic in Arithmetic Geometry soon after Wiles' work on the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture. After recalling the basics in Galois representations and modular forms, I will explain some aspects of the modularity conjectures and the etale-crystalline comparison theorems. Time permitting, I will mention certain developments in Anabelian Geometry, which is in some sense an application of p-adic Hodge theory.

Time: 2019.02.28, 14:30-15:30

Location:Room 201,Ming De Building