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Xiang Tang--Orbit Integrals and the Connes-Kasparov Isomorphism
发布人:王智拓  发布时间:2019-01-16   浏览次数:10

Title:    Orbit Integrals and the Connes-Kasparov Isomorphism

Speaker:     Xiang Tang (唐翔),  Washington University in St. Louis


     In the late 70s, Connes and Moscovici proved an $L^2$-index theorem for  $G$-invariant elliptic-pseudodifferential operators on homogeneous spaces, and applied it to study the discrete series representations of Lie groups. In this  talk, we will discuss orbit integrals, their pairing with the $K$-theory of the  reduced group $C^*$-algebra of a real reductive group,  and their connections  to the limit discrete series representations. As an application, we will use  orbit integrals to study the Connes-Kasparov isomorphism theorem. This is joint  work with Nigel Higson and Yanli Song. 

Time:      2019.01.20, 17:00-17:50

Location:   Conference Room, 201 Ming De Building