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Mini-workshop for Young Researchers
发布人:尹智  发布时间:2018-08-02   浏览次数:45

Time: 6 August, 2018. Place: 432 Zhengxin Building, IASM






8:30--9:10, Xinfeng Wu(吴新峰), China University of Mining and Technology

Variational inequalities for bilinear averages 


9:15--9:55, Ruilian Xia (夏润莲), Institute of Mathematics in Madrid

Algebraic Calderón-Zygmund theory 


10:00--10:40, Lian Wu (吴恋), Central South University

Best constant in noncommutative Rosenthal inequality 


10:45-11:25, Wei Liu(刘伟), Wuhan University

Dimension-free estimates for the vector-valued variational operators 





14:00--14:40, Chenxu Wen(文晨旭, University of California, Riverside

On maximal subalgebras inside type II1factors 


14:45--15:25, Samya Kumar Ray, Wuhan University

On ergodic theorem for positive completely support separating complete contractions


15:30--16:10, Yan Cheng (闫诚), Xinjiang University

RD-properties of free groups 


16:15--16:55, Jimeng Lu (卢霁萌), Nankai University

An introduction on BCP of Banach spaces 


17:00--17:40, Haonan Zhang(张浩楠), University of Franche-Comte

Lp-LFourier multipliers on locally compact quantum groups 

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