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Javier Parcet--Fourier Lp-multipliers in SLn(R)
发布人:尹智  发布时间:2018-07-16   浏览次数:36

Speaker: Javier Parcet, Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT) 

Time: 18 July, 9:40--10:40, Place: 503 Gewu Building

Abstract: Connes rigidity conjecture for factors of PSLn(Z) provides a strong motivation to study invariants on this class of von Neumann algebras. Lafforgue/de la Salle rigidity theorem opens a door to harmonic analysis in this direction. In this talk, we shall present the first sufficient conditions for Lp-boundedness of Fourier multipliers in the group algebra of SLn(R) —in the spirit of Hormander-Mikhlin criterium for Euclidean multipliers— and a major strengthening of Lafforgue/de la Salle rigidity theorem. Joint work with Eric Ricard and Mikael de la Salle.