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Tao Mei--Hilbert transforms, old and new stories
发布人:尹智  发布时间:2018-07-02   浏览次数:10

Title: Hilbert transforms, old and new stories

Speaker: Tao Mei, Baylor University

Abstract: This talk will be on the Lp boundedness of the Hilbert transform. This transform is the linear map on 2-integrable functions, which keep the analytic part of the functions and reverse the sign of their anti-analytic part. In the language of Fourier analysis, the Hilbert transform is a Fourier multiplier with symbol ``-isign (x)”.


This talk will  introduce  some new discovery of Hilbert transforms on free groups, based on a joint work with Eric Ricard. I plan to start with the history of trigonometric functions. If time permits, I will also explain a recent work  with Quanhua Xu in this direction.

Time: 13 July, 9:30-10:30, Place: 522 Gewu Building